Sophie Moshofsky is an Actor, Singer, and Producer based in NYC. Featured Credits include Naomi in Scarlet Winter (Feature Film), Sophie in Mamma Mia! (Broadway Rose Theatre) and Columbia in The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Wolfbane Productions).

She is the co-founder of Fight the Good Fight Productions.

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Moshofsky got her B.F.A. in Acting from Oklahoma City University—with a strong focus on voice as well. A lover of travel, she studied Shakespeare in London and took long weekends in Spain, Italy, or Greece. She spent time in Indonesia with her parents who fight against human trafficking in the country.

Aside from music, theatre, and film projects, Moshofsky fills her time with running, writing poetry, walking dogs, and spending time with loved ones. 

It’s all about love, baby!